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Chillers and Cooling Systems

We have had several customers asking for cooling systems, due to the cost of city water.  

We offer several systems for our customers, but sell mostly the Dynaflux  systems.   These are self contained systems that can be hooked up to individual machines, or if the system is big enough, to more than one machine.   We had one customer with an older plant that bought one to try, then was so happy with it that he bought 29 more of them.  He told us that he paid for all of them in one year with the savings he realized on his city water bill.

We also sell the coolant for these systems.  They call it "anti-freeze", but it also has a lubricant in it for their system.  So, if you purchase a cooler, please purchase the anti-freeze also.

As a word of caution to those who would build their own system.  We had another customer who did build his own cooling system.  He added  a "store bought" anti-freeze as his coolant.  Everything went well until he sprung a leak in one of his transformer.  When we tore the transformer apart to fix it, we found that his anti-freeze had dissolved all copper cooling tubes in the transformers.  It cost him over a thousand dollars to remedy this problem.

Below we show a table on how to choose a chiller for your machine. We have found, as a rule of thumb, that you should choose your chiller by the chart, and then go one system larger for best results.   Please call us for any assistance in placing your order.


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